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Hometown Hunters

Recommended Reading Age: 8 - 14
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The Fishing Chronicles

Recommended Reading Age: 8 - 14

Parents can't get their kids to put these books down!

Lane Walker's books are getting kids across the world interested in reading and asking for more. Whether your kids love hunting, fishing, the outdoors, or even adventure books in general - these chapter books will be a great fit for your loved young ones.

Hometown Hunters

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The Fishing Chronicles

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What Parents Are Saying

This is one of the best books I've read to my children and we have read A LOT!!! Keeps you on your toes and you just can't stop reading! They were so good I think we read all books in one month!

Jamie S.

Our family LOVES all of the Hometown Hunter series. They are the only books that my 9 year-old son will actually choose to read in his free time instead of being forced to read.

Melissa N.

We love all of the books in this series!! My boys and I can't put them down! The chapters are the perfect length and always end with a cliffhanger making you want to read more!! 

Terry A.


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