About Author


Lane Walker is a professional speaker and a distinguished figure in the realm of education, recognized as a best-selling author and award-winning administrator. With a rich background spanning over 25 years in the wild, Walker's journey began as a dedicated 5th-grade teacher and coach before ascending to administrative roles.

What sets Walker apart is an unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of students. Their extensive experience, coupled with a genuine passion for education, has fueled a drive to inspire and uplift the younger generation. Walker's ethos revolves around the belief that education is not merely a profession but a calling-one that requires dedication, innovation, and a profound sense of responsibility.

Lane Walker is a multifaceted individual-a best selling author, an award-winning administrator, and a passionate educator with a quarter-century of experience. His unique journey, from the classroom to educational leadership, reflects a deep-seated commitment to shaping the future by empowering and inspiring young minds. Walker's work and dedication stand as a testament to the transformative power of education.

Walker has written several award-winning book series. His Hometown Hunters Collection is a Bronze Medal Moonbeam Best Kids Series and The Fishing Chronicles won a Gold Medal Moonbeam Award for Best Kids Series. His sports books, Local Legends, have all hit #1 status on Amazon.