Terror at Deadwood Lake
Terror at Deadwood Lake
Terror at Deadwood Lake
Terror at Deadwood Lake
Terror at Deadwood Lake
Terror at Deadwood Lake
Terror at Deadwood Lake
Terror at Deadwood Lake
Terror at Deadwood Lake

Book title and series:

Terror at Deadwood Lake, Hometown Hunters Series

Written by:

Lane Walker, 2014


Fiction, Action & Adventure


Sports, Recreation-Hunting

Book Length:

137 pages


Bronze Moonbeam Children's Book Award

Main Character(s):

Dré Brown (main character)
Duke Brown - Dré’s father
Mad Mike - Family friend, pilot and hunting guide


A hunt for a Kodiak brown bear brings an all new adventure story in Lane Walker’s book, Terror at Deadwood Lake. This is the third book of the highly favored action and adventure series in the Hometown Hunters Collection. The book contains 137 pages filled with many unexpected twists and turns that the readers, and even the characters do not see coming. The third book of the series was one I couldn’t wait to start. Terror at Deadwood Lake is another great example of why the author deserved the Bronze Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. Being published back in 2014, it is clear that these books continue to gain popularity and continue to be added onto many young readers’ reading lists. This story of the hunters becoming the hunted, is another perfect fit for any reader who enjoys a thrilling and inspiring adventure book.

Book Summary:

Terror at Deadwood Lake takes readers all the way to Alaska, on Kodiak Island, in a small town called Bolton. After Dré Brown learns he will be heading out on the hunting trip of his dreams, he along with his dad, Duke, and Mad Mike will embark on an adventure none of them were ready for. The story of the hunt and experiences during their expedition for an infamous and dangerous Kodiak brown bear is told from Dré’s point of view. When the beginning of their trip is met with unforeseen events, the three men are forced to take shelter at a very unfavored location. This very location would ultimately be a terrifying place to be, and one that Dré’s father and Mad Mike had sworn to never return to. This exciting and suspenseful adventure chapter book kept me guessing the whole way through, making it another book that was hard to put down because I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next.

Character Details:

The expedition for a Kodiak brown bear would become an adventure that the main character Dré, along with his father and Mad Mike, would never forget. Eighteen-year-old Dré spends the summer months training and getting in shape for the big hunt. All of his hard work wouldn’t prepare him for the hurdles he would need to overcome. Working as a fisherman and an avid hunter, Duke Brown, Dré’s father, was no stranger to the strength of Alaska’s outdoors, or the Kodiak brown bears. Years ago, Duke survived an almost fatal bear attack while out on a hunting trip with his friend, Mad Mike. Mad Mike was known around Kodiak Island for being a very talented bush pilot as well as a gifted hunting guide. Dré’s dream is to score a Kodiak brown bear, and with the help of his dad and Mad Mike, the three of them set out on a trip they never expected. Working as a team, they would need to overcome many intense situations. Facing severe storms, a pack of wolves, dangers on the mountain and the infamous Kodiak brown bear, their strength, skills and sense of hope will be put to the ultimate test.

Plot Details:

Dré had grown up hunting his entire life, but the Kodiak brown bear was the one animal he dreamed about getting. That dream would come true when his parents gifted him the hunting adventure of a lifetime as a high school graduation present. The journey begins for Dré, his dad and Mad Mike as soon as the plane took off. The three men were met with harsh weather conditions that forced the plane to take an emergency landing. The unexpected turn of events required them to take shelter on the land Duke and Mad Mike promised to never return to--Deadwood Lake. It was four years ago that Dré’s father and Mad Mike were back at this spot when Dré’s father was attacked by a massive Kodiak brown bear. On their first day of hunting, Dré is met with another unexpected obstacle, but this time it’s on his own...or so he thought! After meeting a mountain man, Cleatus, worlds collide when Dré, Duke and Mad Mike learn that Cleatus has been hunting the brown bear that he refers to as Samson-- the same bear that attacked Duke four years ago. When more unfortunate luck with weather strikes again, it forces the men to begin their journey for survival. Not only did the characters have to worry about the Samson finding them, they also needed to survive the dangerous route up the mountain. One thing keeps Dré going, and that is his family’s motto: “there’s always hope!”. He uses this saying to give him the strength and the courage to continue on with the adventure, even when he doesn’t think he, or others, may survive.

Evaluation & Conclusion:

Talk about an incredible story! This book easily scored as a top favorite of mine out of the Hometown Hunters Collection series with the amazing and suspense-filled story. Terror at Deadwood Lake was a book that I could not put down. The cliff-hangers included in the chapter book were set up in the story wonderfully and perfectly timed out, which kept me wanting to keep reading chapter after chapter. Lane Walker did another great job writing this thrilling adventure story while also including great life messages within. It was a great story of not only an adventure, but overcoming obstacles, and learning valuable lessons along the way.