The Hunt for Scarface
The Hunt for Scarface
The Hunt for Scarface
The Hunt for Scarface
The Hunt for Scarface
The Hunt for Scarface
The Hunt for Scarface
The Hunt for Scarface

Book title and series:

The Hunt for Scarface, Hometown Hunters Series

Written by:

Lane Walker, 2014


Fiction, Action & Adventure


Sports, Recreation-Hunting

Book Length:

161 pages


Bronze Moonbeam Children's Book Award

Main Character(s):

Kent Morris, Kyle Morris


The Hunt for Scarface is the second book of Lane Walker’s Hometown Hunters Collection series. This is a perfect read for any action and adventure book fan. In The Hunt for Scarface, Walker takes readers along on a hunting venture, this time for a massive turkey, as well as an unexpected treasure hunt. I chose to read this book because of how much I enjoyed the first book of Walker’s hunting series. This book brings a unique twist when the hunt for the sizable turkey isn’t the only thing the characters in the book end up hunting for... The way Walker puts life into the exciting expeditions overall was a great way to hold my interest and attention, making each chapter in the book entertaining and vivid for the imagination. Readers will surely not want to put this book down with all of the exhilarating twists and turns of events packed within the 161-page book.

Book Summary:

Who is your favorite person to go on a hunt with? For Kent Morris (the main character), it is his twin brother, Kyle. The two brothers may be twins, but they are very different. The one thing that is the same for them in this book is their dedication and determination for a hunt. The fourteen-year-old brothers have grown up in Bellsville, Nebraska and have been hunting as long as they can remember. The adventure chapter book story is told from Kent’s point of view, and it all begins when the brothers are out playing catch in their backyard one day, when the two of them hear a loud noise, it was loud enough to send chills through Kent’s body. At first, mistaking it for thunder, the second time the two brothers heard it they knew it was a turkey--and a large one. Kent’s life, along with his family’s, would change forever with just two things: an old gun, and a dusty old map. 

Character Details:

Kent, the main character, is a little more of a hot-head compared to his brother, Kyle. While Kent struggles to remain calm in situations, Kyle is always there to try to keep him calm. After a moment of frustration while out hunting for Scarface with Kyle, Kent breaks the .16-gauge single-shot gun. This ultimately teaches Kent that the gun is more than just a gun, it's a family heirloom filled with years of hunting memories, and stories. One day Kent struggles to keep his calm one day when their spoiled cousin T.J. takes a special item from his locker at school. In the heat of the moment, Kent struggles over the item with his cousin, causing the old, worn out map to rip in half. The map would represent way more than Kent and Kyle could ever imagine; it would take them on a whole new adventure--a treasure hunt--right in their own backyard! The characters embark on more than just a hunting adventure for the treasure, and Scarface. Obstacles are faced, ultimately teaching valuable lessons learned for all of them along the way. 

Plot Details:

Since Kent first heard the roaring gobble of Scarface, he was hooked. Almost all of his thoughts became consumed by the giant bird. After coming face to face with Scarface, Kent fails to get the right shot. When he threw the gun down, he didn’t seem to think anything of the worn-out gun. That all changes when he sees his father’s reaction after Kent is forced to come clean about what happened to it. Kent feels remorseful after learning just how much the gun meant to his entire family. This brings Kent and Kyle wanting to ensure that they set out on the adventure of their lives. The journey would turn into way more than just tracking down and scoring Scarface. The map from Mr. Potter creates an entirely new experience for Kent as well as his family. Knowing how greedy both his cousin T.J. and his uncle Tom can be, it came as no surprise to the Morris twins that they would also be searching for the treasure. Kent knew that his selfish cousin and uncle would do anything to have it all to themselves. This pushed Kent even more to do whatever he and his brother needed to do to find the treasure. The journey would take Kent and Kyle back to many years ago, recovering old artifacts and history that once filled Bellsville. Along the way, the hunt would also do more than recover history. It would be the greatest adventure and lesson that their entire family would grow and learn from. Kent would never imagine that he would find such an adventure that would lead to discovering Bellsville’s history, as well as teach himself and others how to rediscover forgiveness. 

Evaluation & Conclusion:

The Hunt for Scarface by Lane Walker was another great action and adventure read for me. Although the title of the book is The Hunt for Scarface, it was a total surprise to have an unexpected added treasure hunt included in the story that added even more excitement to the story. Along with the entertaining expeditions within the story, the chapter book also contained a great lesson about the importance of forgiveness. In Walker’s books, I really appreciate how well the fun adventures are tied in with valuable life lessons readers can take away, and even learn from or relate to. Although I was hoping and expecting that the main character in the end would get the bird, it was a good message to send that the adventure and lessons learned along the way in the end can be just as gratifying. The second book of the series was another book of Lane Walker’s that I will be sure to recommend, as it contains the thrills and fun adventures that anyone would appreciate.