The Last Green

The Last Green

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“If you’re going to miss it, miss it straight.”

Colt, a skilled junior golfer, has one huge problem…he falls apart when playing in front of a crowd.

He thinks he might have found the solution to his golfing issues when a mysterious man moves into his Palm Springs neighborhood. Colt sets out with his two best friends to convince the man to be Colt’s new golf coach. Once they meet Pro Kitchen, they find out there is something special about this new neighbor.

After a couple of weeks of lessons, Pro, without Colt’s knowledge, enters him into a local junior golf tournament. Colt realizes the time has come to face his fear and show what he can do on the golf course. 

His win at the smaller local golf tournament qualifies him for the PGA Best of the West Junior Golf Tournament held at one of the most difficult courses in California. His win also brings him unwanted attention, especially from the media. Fear starts to creep back in, overshadowing his excitement to play against some of the best players in the world. 

Will Colt let fear and anxiety win? Can he learn to golf confidently in front of a crowd? Will Colt be able to face his fears? Does Pro’s guidance give Colt what he needs to win against the best junior golfers in the world?

Life Lessons Taught In Book:

Self-confidence, Believing in yourself

Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Ages: 8 - 14
Grades: 4 - 8
Pages: 220
Publisher: Bakken Books
Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.5
Lexile® Measure: N/A


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